Do you run a bar? Part of a local group? Attend a place of worship? In a running club? Love the library?
Whichever community you are a part of, why not ask the people around you to help raise awareness and vital funds for National AIDS Trust on World AIDS Day? 103,800 people are living with HIV in the UK today.Advances in medicine mean that people on effective HIV treatment cannot pass the virus on, but late diagnoses remain high and worryingly, only 45% of people can identify all the ways in which HIV is transmitted.
Stigma and discrimination can be a daily issue for people living with HIV.
A recent stigma survey showed that 13% report avoiding visiting the GP because they feared being treated differently and 21% of gay men living with HIV report they have been discriminated against in work.Troublingly 18% of those surveyed report they’d had suicidal thoughts in the past year.We’ve come a long way – but there’s still much work to do! Join us to raise vital funds so we can continue to fight discrimination, raise awareness and improve the lives of people living with HIV.

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There are so many ways to market and celebrate World AIDS Day this year.

Did you know that kissing doesn’t spread HIV?When we surveyed young people, we found that 1 in 3 weren’t sure whether you could get HIV from kissing. What’s more, over two thirds had not received any information on HIV testing.
This World AIDS Day, use our teaching resources to help educate young people about HIV transmission, and raise money for National AIDS Trust so that we can help educate future generations about HIV.

Pinellas EHE

Get Your Virtual Red Ribbon

The red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for people living with HIV. Wearing a ribbon is a great way to raise awareness on and during the run-up to World AIDS Day.
This year, many of our amazing fundraisers are unable to distribute fabric ribbons for us and some of our retail partners are closed for lockdown.
So, for this World AIDS Day we’ve created a virtual red ribbon so you can #RockTheRibbonwherever you are.
Download the ribbon below and add it to your email signature, change your profile picture, or print and place in your window. The choice is yours!

Pinellas EHE