Raymond Sanderlin, Jr. BS

Raymond Sanderlin, Jr. BS, began his career in Public Health in 1989 as a Disease Intervention Specialist with the Pinellas County Department. This position focused on contact tracing and investigation of individuals exposed to or infected with sexually transmitted infections (STI), including HIV/AIDS exposure. In 2001, Ray served as the DOH-Pinellas Non-Identified Risk (NIR) Coordinator with the HIV/AIDS Program working closely with medical provider and clients to determine methods of HIV/AIDS exposure. This position provided unique opportunities to investigate and identify various methods of HIV exposure.  In 2003, he returned to the STD Program as Health Service Supervisor with Department of Health Pinellas. Ray is responsible for training his team of Diseases Intervention Specialist utilizing effective intervention techniques and developing skills in case analysis, counseling, contact tracing, field investigation and partner services. For over 3 decades with Department of Health Pinellas Mr. Sanderlin has been committed to reducing the rates of infection through providing direct services and education to the clients he serves.